Saturday, October 11, 2014


peekaboo redux

Well hello!! It has been too long since last I post. RL finally let up a little for me to have a chance to check out some of my favorite virtual shopping holes and put together a quick little post for you all. In my limited time in I went to The Dressing Room. There I picked up this wonderful Salina-Milk Skin by Al Vulo! and

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Retreat

The Retreat. Now accepting applications for new designers

There are many wonderful new things waiting for you at The Retreat, your place for quality retail therapy only $50L and less. Our fantastic designers have stocked the place with lots of great new items for you to treat yourself with. Come on down and see what we have for you. 
If you would like a preview of some of the things waiting for you please be sure to check out

While you are there feel free to enjoy the 2 moons gardens, pick up some cool things in our gift lounge or take advantage of the fully equipped free public photostudio on the grounds

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Owl be there for you

Owl be there for you

As I promised another post with more great goodies and gifts from all over the grid. So lets get started. 
Dhara hair by Tameless has loose casual waves with lots of body that will lend itself to a great range of looks. Also I picked up this sweet Hazel skin from Mother Goose's for just $1L, here I show it with lipgloss from Wow Skins. Stop by Mother Goose's to check out a great selection of free and $1L items as well as a ton of lucky boards with all kinds of great treats and some of the very sweetest skins to be had in all of sl. 
Owl be there for you

As promised in the last post more great gifts from the Seraphim 2 year celebration!! Gorgeous Circle Medallion Drop set from Addiction Jewelry, includes necklace and earrings(not shown). Super cute Fashion Owl Tank Top by Shine has adorable Owl and says Owl be there for you, is a wonderful addition to any casual look. Megumi mesh jeans by Mirror's Enigma are a must have wardrobe staple, and let's face it you just cannot go wrong with a good pair of jeans. All of these generous gifts and more from some of the most talented creators in sl are available at the Seraphim in world headquarters. That is all for now and I will be back soon with even more goodies and sales from the fabulous world of sl fashion. 
Thanks for reading and see you around the grid. 

Shape: Panda Punx 
Poses: Pose+ivity currently at Stuff in Stock, Flash Friendly available at Seraphim
Feet: SLink 
House: Bazar- Arizona 

Thursday, June 27, 2013



It has been a little too long since the last post, so many things going on in rl but finally things have let up a little and so now it is time to get back to it. Luckily there are so many great events and goodies out there I have so much to tell you about.

 First the latest round at Stuff in Stock started 25th June and it is packed full of great bargains such as this Heartless Mona Shirt by Corvus. This mesh shirt with sexy dropped shoulder strap is also available in several other options. You can pick up this and more at SIS til 6th July

I would like to congratulate Seraphim on 2 years!! They work hard at keeping us all informed about current events and awesome shopping. To celebrate right now at the in-world headquarters there are many group gifts from designers all over the grid, including these hot leopard print night out mesh jeans by TuttiFrutti. Be sure to stay tuned for even more wonderful celebration goodies in upcoming post. 

Another great event going on right now is The Arcade. You can go and try your luck with fun and addictive gacha machines, loaded with tons of must have items from talented creators. Featuring everything from clothing, to house wears to skin and other accessories there is sure to be something for everyone. This gorgeous Ellie Gacha Rare #3 skin by Belleza is one of the items I picked up there. I was pretty lucky as I got this rare one on my first try! You can join The Arcade group and trade all your extras for the things you you really want. The current Arcade event ends 30th June, so don't miss out !! 

I would like to take a moment now to tell you about my rockin' photo props. I was lucky to find both of these great items on mp.  The Soundhuman Product Samples includes amps stool and 2 classic electric guitars, also and you can get this cool set up for FREE. The Bebotes Guitar Women 1 pose is no longer 1L but they have a big selection of 1L and other reasonably priced poses in the Bebotes MP Shop.

Big thanks to all the designers and readers 
 more post coming soon .... 

Hair: Elikatira
Jewelry: Luas
Pose: C'Poses @ The Retreat  (top pic)
Tattoo: Boss Tattoo
Shoes: N-Core group gift (group free to join)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

New at Glow Designs.

                        Glow desing group gift

La tienda Glow Desings  nos muestra sus nuevas ofertas. Este maravilloso conjunto lo puedes obtener como regalo al unirte al grupo. La falda es mesh y la camisa  es textura, teniendo la opcion para las Lolas Tango.

 Glow Designs shows us their latest offers. This wonderful dress is a gift when you subscribe to the group at the store. Skirt is mesh while shirt is texture with the option for Lolas Tango.

GD Strapless dress zebra

Otro de los diseños de Glow Desing,  esta este precioso veraniego vestido mesh. Este se puede conseguir en Cosmopolitan Sale Room del 19 de Mayo al 2 de junio del 2013.

This summer dress is also a new offer that can be found at Cosmopolitan Sale Room from May 19, 2013 to June 2, 2013.

Hair: Swift By Truth
Skin: Layla by Al vulo
Poses by Purple Poses

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chillout Zone

Chillout Zone

After a busy start to the week, I am ready to chill out. It will be easier with these great items from Stuff in Stock and The Retreat. Starting with this awesome Funky Chair - from By Chiana Oh, available at The Retreat for special price, has over 10 poses built in and comes with items stashed inside, this unique chair is sure to add to any space it is put into. 

Now that I have my seating in order I have to make sure I am dressed for maximum chillaxation. The current round at Stuff in Stock has me fully covered. Step inSide offers these Robin pants, a great addition to any casual look, these soft capri length sweat pants are available in 2 colors. Also this Silva skin comes in 3 different skin tones with cleavage options and appliers for SLink hands and feet. 

You can even pick up awesome poses like this one from Aushka & Co for a couple more days at the current round of Stuff in Stock 

Chillout Zone

Finishing this look off also from Stuff in Stock Pistol ina Top crop top by Corvus, and Fishnet bra, shown here with pasties by [in]Sight. You can also get this sexy Jenn shape from AnnaA.  Grab all this and more for a few more days at Stuff in Stock

Pose in this pic from the current collection of Ciss' Poses exclusively available at The Retreat. You can read more about these poses and what else is available at The Retreat here 

Thanks to all the designers and Thank you for reading. More to come and see you around the grid 

Hair: Truth 
Phone: Mstyle
Nails: Mandala
Eyes: Birth 
Feet: SLink 

Call of The Wild

Call of the Wild

Now for something a little different, the OrsiniSun cold dust suit by OrsiniRed, this cowhide lace up suit includes headband (not shown) belt and armband with feather embellishments. Currently available at The Retreat. for the special price of $50L. 

Adding to the native appeal of this look Ganguro V.I.P Skin Gift March 2013- By The Sugar Garden, there is a fee to join, but this skin alone is worth it but she has quite a  few group gifts available including another skin and new gifts every month. Awesome make ups and more, be sure to look around when you go to the shop.  

Pose by Ciss's Poses from the Random Drama Queen set is also available exclusively at The Retreat. Starting at $20L for individual poses or $50L for the entire set. 

 Enjoy quality designer retail therapy for $50L and less at The Retreat. Check The Retreat blog for pics of current items and for blog post styled with items from The Retreat see The Retreat Blogger Post Scoop It. 

Eyes: Birth 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Love Cupcakes


It is with much sadness that Cupcakes announced recently they are closing their shop and sim on 23rd May. 
You have a couple more days to get any remaining merchandise for 50% off or at the Cupcakes Developer Center creator kits for buy one get one free. 

Cupcakes has long been one of the best designers for cute, affordable skin and clothing. Also one of the most generous. In my first days I got a great start with all the wonderful gifts they offered in their bargain basement. One of my earlier much longer post 5 years ago,featured many of the goodies they offered at the time as a result they gave me the first review item I ever got as a blogger. Rosemary Galbraith and Mimi Coral are talented and will be moving onto their own individual projects and we wish them all the best and look forward to see their new brands. 

Hair: Truth 
Skin: Cupcakes- Lovespell Lucky Board Skin
Lingerie: Cupcakes 
Pose: NoWow

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day At the Beach

Beautifull Suit
Esta semana Kawaii Kloset mostro sus nuevos diseños de trajes de baño. Viene en 5 diferentes colores. Incluye Sombrero, gafas de sol y traje de baño. Los puedes encontrar en El Retreat a tan solo 45L.     

Eleanor Baithing Suit

    This week Kawaii Kloset shows us their new line of Bathing Suits. Its available in 5 different colors, includes hat and  sunglasses. Can find this amazing set in The Retreat for 45L each.

Andie Bathing Suit

The Sea Hole Closing Sale

The Sea Hole closing

Sadly another great and long standing shop in sl, The Sea Hole, is closing and from now until 31st May everything in the store is just $50L!!

 Drinkinstein Sorbet has been creating some of the cutest and most unique clothes in sl since 2008. I for one am a big fan of her work and will be sad to see her and all her wonderful creations gone. The good news is she is on to bigger and better real life adventures!! Best of luck in all the new things ahead and thank you, Drinkinstein, for what your work with The Sea Hole and Collabor88  has added to the sl of so many people. You will be greatly missed!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Adorkable Poses is closing!!

Adorkable Poses Closing Sale

Sadly news of another shop closing, from now until June 9th you can get anything at Adorkable for 50% off, more in some cases. Thanks to Adorable Peapod for 4 great years of some of the best poses and props in sl, you are admired and will be missed. We would like to wish you the best of luck in all your upcoming endeavors, Thanks again for sharing your gift with us. 

Friday, May 10, 2013


The Retreat. Now accepting applications for new designers

Brand new round of goodies at The Retreat, check out  The Retreat Blog for pictures and info on what you can treat yourself with for $50L and less.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

N.Core Group Gift!!!


As a show of gratitude for all their group members and loyal customers N-Core currently has out a fantastic new group gift! Right now when you join the N-Core design group you can get these lovely Lulu shoes in red!! What a wonderful and generous gift of some of the best shoes that linden can buy. The group is free to join and as a member you will be the first to learn about new releases, gifts and other events going on at N-core. Be sure to check out the shop and discount sections while you are there. Thanks N-Core!! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer is Here

Summer is Here

I don't know about where you live but here in my part of the world a proper spring is a little over due. A few times we have seen the temperatures soar only to crash soon there after with some bitter cold days. Luckily for me in second life, summer is here. While I wait for nature in rl to work out the weather I can enjoy a summer day anytime I like. Vibes beach is the perfect place to showcase all the great goodies I have to share with you. 

Denim is a great casual wardrobe staple, this Eva Bustier by Lark here in the abstract features worn denim bustier with a patterned insert. Color change hud gives you 5 different denim and pattern options each for you to mix and match creating countless possibilities. 5 different styles of patterns will ensure that you will find one that is just right for you.  Watch out for Lark in upcoming round at The Retreat!! 

Classic denim Laura shorts by Ducknipple (shown in warm tone) is a wonderful version of this summer must have. Rich texture and fun details like the tacked cuffs are sure to lend itself well to any summer wardrobe.

Lucy hair by Miss C and Arial Necklace  by  [7891.] are both available at the current round at Stuff At Stock

Tanita skin by WoW is one of the group gifts available now, also for limited time the group is free to join, read more about here

and last but not least Yay Me2 pose by Ciss Poses one of a set of poses you have a few more days to pick up at The Retreat where you can treat yourself with quality retail therapy for $50L and less. A new round of goodies will be out there on the 7th, so get your favorites now!! 

A little long winded but I had so much to share with you, until next time. 


wow skins logo

Wow Skins recently reached 10K  members  and it was the owners birthday so to celebrate the WoW Skins vip group is FREE to join until midnight 3rd May. It is usually $200L to join. Getting in the group now and staying in you will get all past and upcoming group gift skins. So be sure you get down there and check it out before it is too late. Congrats and Happy Birthday Sawsan Secretspy.