Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cry Baby By Sn@tch

I love Johhny Depp and so when I heard about this group gift I made a b-line for Sn@tch.
The Cry Baby group freebie -tribute to the John Waters movie consist of a YUMMY Johnny Depp Tee , Grungy Blue Striped Leggings & a Spikey Belt on the Jacket Layer. The belt looks great with a lot of things and never have to worry about it disappearing into some un-natural crease!!

When you come into the store go straight and turn right just past the couch , keep going right until facing wall that has skirts on it go to the corner and will be on the wall to the left of the skirts and it is in 2nd row to the left at the very top of the row

Only there til midnight sl time Sun so hurry!!!!

Boots - from Sn@tch Raven Newbie kit located on back wall of store along with some other freebies if you feel so inclined. Pulse 143 231 29

Skin - Pink Lips Candy Skin -GiGi couture was included in a bag of other nice things and Free Doll Face skin also on same table downstairs. Broadmead (53, 190, 34)

Hair- Sugary in blonded, on freebie wall at Gurl 6 to the left of the door past the discounted hair of the month . GuRLyWood (105, 43, 37).

Was having a look around and foud this place to take cool pictures. Check these out as I show off this shirt with my boyfriend on it!!!

Thanks to Ivey Deschanel

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