Saturday, May 10, 2008

Persona - Nola

Hello Ladies,
I have decided that I am going to try something a little different and try to get some quickies in on good stuff in between my longer and more involved post. I got a tip about a free dress that Persona is giving out to their group. It is a wonderful babydoll dress with lovely lace detailing on the sleeves and shoulders and a very nice feather detail. To have this lovely for your own all you need to do is go to search on all tab and put in Persona, it is about the 7th entry down. It will say PERSONA- update group. Join it and go into the group notices it will say a gift for you dated 5-10-08. It comes also with some great looking tights that have a pattern down the back, which I for one thought was a nice touch. Now on to the other goodies I got to put this post together. The skin is the group gift from Chai the skin is called Indigo, it comes in several skin tones and here I am wearing it in cream. It is soft and pretty and has very nice Indigo liner over the eyes. To receive this gracious gift all you need do is head over to Chai, when you come in come in a little ways and look to the right, you will see the door to the skin boutique go in there and to your right you will see the subscribe-o-matic touch it to join and then touch again to get the history. You will get a list of options, you will want to look for option #2 dated may 5th. Once you do that then you will be the proud owner of this skin in 6 different skin tones. There has to be one to suit everyone. I also have on the free prim lashes from Alady. This hair was a fantastic find at Free Speerit if you go there right now all the hair that they have is free. I am wearing Elise in Platinum. I love the little claw clip in the back. There are 7 or so other styles available, be sure to get yours before they are gone. Last but certainly not least one of my personal favorite freebie finds...The slinky stilettos in black leather from Maitreya. Maitreya is one of my most favorite stores and a freebie from them is a real treat, especially something so useful and timeless. Hurry down and get yours while you can. All this loveliness for 0L , isn't life as a freebie fashionista great? I hope that you enjoy this quickie and I will do my best to come up with come more..... enjoy!!!


FS Elise - Platinum
Free Speerit, Quest III (155, 150, 22)


ALADY ISLAND - Female Skins Shap, Alady Island (48, 51, 22)


Indigo, Free CHAI group skin
LF Fashions . Chai Skins, Port Seraphine (221, 129, 56)


Persona - Nola gift
* PERSONA * - mainstore, Plush Chi (160, 94, 22)


Maitreya Free Slinky Stilettos - Black Leather
Maitreya Main Store, Glam World 2 (242, 213, 26)

Thanks to:
Mewf Demina
Dawn Memorial
Launa Fauna
Myllie Writer
Onyx LeShelle

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