Friday, March 27, 2009

Don't get too close to my fantasy!!!!

Greetings and Salutations all you fashionistas and fashionistos. We all know that sl can be a chance for us to do things that are just not possible in rl. Most little girls and some little boys :P have fantasized sometime about being a mermaid or a fairy. Thanks to some generous folks even if you are not sure about it being a full time thing, you can still get a chance to try it on . First up Fish tails!! I have on the Dark Moon mertail starter kit from Tigey Tales Shop. Really supa great gift complete with mermaid ao and all. Free at the Armada location where these lovely mermaid pics were taken. The hair is [Aden] Tammy II (Platinum) , heard that store is closing in a little less than a week and all the hair styles are on sale for 50L each!!!! That is right!! What are you waiting for? The skin I have on here with it came from the Piece of Candy 3-15 group gift, and it is called Mandy 11. Please go by the shop and check it out Candy has some great things at even better prices, and she is soo good to her group.. be sure to check that out .

Next Stop Fariy-topia!! For those of you that would rather stay fairly dry and release the inner Tink there is * Deviance * - Aqua Fae Costume 1L, comes with the wings, dress, 2 different types of hair flowers and even shoes (not shown). In stead of shoes I opted to have it with the SLink Barefoot Bamboo Style (500L) , not free but really cute and I was able to make the polish match the dress. To finish up this look I have [Aden] Edie (Platinum) Hair , 50L on sale and Imagen (IS) Lia - Norte - Patricia skin that is a hunt gift from the hunt for shamrocks there, think each one is 1L each but have several skin tones in the hunt sure to find one that works for you. These pics were taken at Mermaid Temple in the Row of Cherry Blossoms using poses by {Lap} (oh okay, top pic ; Fae Dolly, pic to the right). Beautiful place but when walking beware of the serpent of seduction, it's always trouble when you are playing with a snake. Well enjoy and see you soon.


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