Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here is a super quick insomnia driven post, was playing around and happened to get this together and was too cute to keep to myself. Here is a really cute dress I found at a little place called Djunk! where just about all is free. I loved this sweet little Sharona babydoll dress. I like the colors and the textures on it but beware I realized when I was working on these pics that there is a 2nd skirt option and the top is a little sheer!! Still supa cute.. comes with sweet little hat and cool cane with animated textures on it. Here with it I have Indy & Co.: Black Pearl Necklace that I picked up at the new shop at Sxy2nd. Really nice mall and lots of really nice gifts. To finish this look up I have it with my own shape and :: Genesis :: Candace Apricot "Glitterati" skin (was set out as a one day deal), *Clover* Real Eyes #32 (I love these eyes) and = Hal*Hina = [almond] Hair -priscilla- (that was a special gift from the bunny hunt) Hope that you liked it. Also if you have found something super cute and would like to share let me know and you could be here. Well enjoy all and be good to each other.


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