Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OMG Hunt - Now on!

OMG!!!! IT'S ANOTHER HUNT - Sneak Preview.

[ Margaux is chained to the studio, snapping like crazy, with Photo Shoots, so I am going to whet your appetite with a sneak preview before she does her main hunt article. ]  

So busy hunting, I couldn't even get to the printer, so here's the film roll sneak preview of the delight I found inside one of those lovely yummy cupcakes.

Margaux tipped me off so I hailed a cab and told the driver "step on it fast" to #096-(Spork) , luckily the hunting was not too difficult, so I unpacked and then quickly changed into the Summer blue knit tank top with skirt and lovely jewelry including bangles, necklace and beaded chain in copper, silver or gold.

Slipped on my HOC Apparel - Stubbers Mules clogs, absolutely fabulous value at a mere $L10.

Then dashed around to Calico Ingmann Creations (- Hair, Calico Kitty (57, 59, 21) for a free hairdo {Alora - dark brown} (free group gift ).

OMG now back hunting for more cake hidden delights.  

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