Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Summertime will be gone fairly soon and we'll start transitioning into fall... a lovely time of year filled with soft muted colors and snuggly fabrics. And of course along with a season change comes a wardrobe change! I stumbled across this gorgeous clothing collection aptly named "Transitions," at dirty.little.secret. This collection has every beautiful thing you need, from glasses to lingerie, to sweaters, pants, skirts, shoes, and everything in between. The wonderful thing about the Transitions Collection is that everything coordinates perfectly! Oh, and did I mention how the clothes look simply amazing on the lithe & sexy Ninah Shape by ANNA Shapes? With her curvy hips, pouty lips, teeny waist, and legs for miles she is simply a stunner!!

My sweet little Pyrrhic looks so alluring in the Deep V-Neck Top & Suspender Socks in Seafoam, the Strapless Bra & matching Hipster Panties in Paisley, and the sleek mesh Transitions High Heels in Navy. The cute Crystal glasses in Fern perched neatly on her nose complete her scantily clad look.

Pyrrhic loves to change up her look often, so the Merlyn.Bitter.Heaven skin by Dulce Secrets was a no brainer. She still has a kiss of tan skin to carry her through the chilly months and the makeup is delicate & whispery. Of course we can't change our wardrobe without a new hairdo as well! And the Aella mesh hair in Jet Black by Decoy fits beautifully with this laid back look.... choppy, wispsy layers frame her pretty face and gracefully cascade down her shoulders. The dainty Tangled necklace in River by FuLo, in shades of translucent sparkling blues & greens, are a bewitching complement to this ensemble!

And finally, no look is complete without a new manicure. The Medium Garnet Teardrop nails by Moondance Boutique pair up beautifully with it all, from the deep slate color of the nails to the shimmering garnets frosting the tips, creating a look that is perfect for transitioning into Fall!

Lashes: CCD Real Prim Lashes
Eyes: Fashism (now Ikon)
Hand Pose: Fayse
Pose Set: Glitterati
Shorts: dirty.little.secret Transition Mesh Shorts in Navy

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