Monday, September 3, 2012

Day at the Beach

Summer is coming to a close... so I had to hit the beach one last time! So Margaux took me to an awesome beach called Aliance Surf where we surfed and lounged the day away. No need to even rez your own boards... they have them there! The crashing waves and sparkling sea were so peaceful and serene. Not to mention there are so many little tiki huts and campfires to lounge around, it made for a perfect day at the beach!
Day at the Beach
But let's be honest here... I really just wanted an excuse to wear this hot little two piece from Delish (2 piece - 02) one more time before I'm forced into covering up my sexy avi in turtle necks and sweaters! And boy oh boy does this sweet number deliver, and for only 1L you can't beat it! The details are so realistic, you can almost feel the wet lycra clinging to your skin... and the teeny booty shorts show just enough to be sultry, but cover enough so you don't look like a.... well, you know.
Day at the Beach
Pyrrhic's wild & sexy mass of curls are perfect for this look and come compliments of Tameless Hair. The Delilah hair is so natural & bohemian... and did I mention extremely sexy?? It flows beautifully with every single movement and looks so soft that you want to reach out and touch it! Of course no look is complete without perfectly manicured hands, and the medium square Sonata nails by Moondance with their clean white base and sparkly pink diamonds look like they were custom made for this bikini! Ahhh... *sigh* What a great way to end the summer!

Skin: Exodi (no longer in business)
Shape: (My own creation)
Eyes: Fashism (Now Ikon)
Lashes: CCD RealLash

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