Saturday, December 8, 2012

POE5 Part 1 (Most Likely)

Do I have your attention? Gooood... 

Before getting involved in the real subject of this post, I would like to just explain a little what's happening with this blog. Actually, we don't know ourselves... things have just gone pear shaped. Beside the blog now being flagged with warnings that you might explode if you look at it, things are also a bit comical behind the scene as well. I sort of got over 11 000 likes for a post that officially only had 3 views.... Those three must have liked the post VERY much. 

Blogger obviously only have 'Support' in there because it looks good and not for of any real intention to help. Marg has decided to move the blog to Wordpress, which sounds like a good move, and she's busy working with the design. Once there's an all clear, this blog will move permanently and become Freebie Fashionista again. Right now, things are a little in between so please be patient with us during this frustrating time. Marg has actually already started to post on the site so there's stuff there to see.
And now... to something completely different...

POE Hunt

The Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt 5 is on... and on... and on... Remove a few stores that hasn't happened and almost 200 generous stores are participating. Need diversion from the christmas shopping? This is it! XD 

I've just been through 1/4 of the hunt so far. My patience for real big hunts is usually in short supply, but I'll see this one through to the end. The quality of the gifts is outstanding. With around 50 stores under my belt, the gender statistics is roughly half of the clothes stores have male gifts besdie the fem ones. Add the many furniture and home decoration places that are involved as well and just under half the stores are of potential interest for guys. With most of the male gifts coming from stores that provides for both genders and the rest are for women in stores for women, I couldn't help wondering where the stores just for men are. It is the name of the hunt that brought this thoughts on. Is peace just for woozies? With aggression being part of the male stereotype, maybe it is. Hopefully the world is a bit more complex than men makes war and women makes peace. Disclaimer: women are no woozies. *Comes back out from behind the sofa*

Whatever the reason... here's a first outfit put together with stuff I found this far. Everything except the gloves comes from this hunt. Focus has been on colour. As much of it as possible XD To be fair on guys, I'll give the info if the store in question is of interest to them. Of course a mesh viewer is required for most of this stuff. Mesh has become so much part of SL now so when it's about unrigged stuff, it's not always easy to tell what's mesh or not.


Ear Muffs: Shabby Chick, part of fem gift. There's a male gift as well.
Scarf: Pelletteria Morrisay, part of male gift.
Cardigan (with top): BoHo HoBo, fem gift. No male gift.
Pants and Belt: Asteria Creations, part of male gift.
Boots and Leg Warmers: ShuShu, part of fem gift. No male gift.

There's is an excellent list of the SLURLS and hunt hints here => X, BUT it actually doesn't say the name of the store. The system is so obviously designed to make as many hunters visit as many of the stores as possible and not just dive in for the proven goodies. That's fair, really. Sooo... join the hunt?

Ok, so that's the outfit for the sporty outdoors... I hope to be back with something in another genre  before long. 

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