Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ronja A-Z: K for Kim

Time for Ronja again. I'm slowly working my way through the alphabet, letter by letter, of the classic outfits of Ronja Pera of RDesignS. Today I've arrived at K, for which I only have one outfit... but I have it in seven of colour and each of those in a 'white' and 'black' edition decided by the colour of the trimmings.

Ronja A-Z: K for Kim
Soooo.... let me introduce, K is for Kim... and Kim and Kim and Kim and Kim and Kim and Kim and Kim and Kim and Kim.... etc etc. Yellow, pink or purple or more, choose your poison! I'm quite obviously wearing the Purple and the Green-Black versions here in a couple of different ways. The boots, of course, have bling. You've gotta love Ronja!
Various colours of this outfit is available for free at both Freebie Dungeon and Freebie Galaxy. The poses are mine, and are available in the current round at The Retreat - Ciss' Poses.
Until next time... take care and have fun!

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