Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello kitty

Hello darlings!! Here I am to bring you two looks made with freebies I grabbed from 7 stores (I think lol)



Skin:Chaisuki - Paris Xmas 1 skin - FREE (There is a Xmas tree with 9 gifts, all for 0L, two skins and tattoo lips) I LOVE the way the lips of the picture look :D

Kishi - I need a new hunt prize, part of a complete outfit including pants, boots and hoodie - FREE (You have to look for a pair of black & white dices)

American Bazaar - Mix and new year hunt prize - FREE (This store was no longer part of that hunt but already had the prize so it's for free to all who want to grab it, it's at the entrance, pants are unisex, there's also two tshirts inside)

Look 2:

I couldn't resist to make another look cuz goodies are everywhere! yay!


Skin:Heartsick - Reverie folding stars - 10L This store is having a 10L and 50L event, so everyday at 12pm SLT there will be one 10L skin and another at 50L
My hints, one is on the first floor and the other upstairs hehe.

Hair: Truth
- SOM xmas gift - FREE

Sweater: Clematis - Knit cardigan pink - FREE (Comes a blue one too)

American Bazaar - I need a new hunt prize - FREE (Look behind boxes is the hint)

Troubled rebel - Great mitten hunt prize - FREE (Look for a mitten, my hint, is on a dress)

Well, enjoy your freebies and keep having fun during the holidays! kisses!

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