Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Limits

Maverick Designs have put out a male and female shape for their group, plus a female skin, plus as a bonus for the girls out there the Men's Styling Gift is a set of 8 free eyes so perfectly unisex. They've also got a half price sale this weekend, so lots happening there. Anyway, I put on my free Watcher Shape, and my free Maverick Classic Jeans also included, and the free eyes they included (meaning I've got 9 sets from them today, no sneaking up behind me!). He's a bit more muscular than my usual look but like many Maverick shapes you can't go much wrong, and the group gifts are a great way of finding one you like and then paying for the mod version to tweak to your own personal tastes.

Then it was on to -Limits- men designs, a new store that I got a notecard about yesterday from Tyrek Resident. The notecard looked impressive and he gets points for referencing The Big Bang Theory on his profile, so this morning I decided to take a little peek. The store is looking good, and I've got to give him extra credit for the festive decor outside too.

The clothes inside look impressive too. The vendors look pretty sharp, although I've learnt to be a bit wary of that, but at 169L for the Plaid Sweaters (with integrated shirt) I had to treat myself, and I came away one happy shopper. And the Fat Pack with all 6 color combos is a very respectable 600L too. I must say I like what I've seen so I will be watching this store carefully in the coming months. I would have happily paid a premium to have had the shirt and sweater as separates, although the few places that do that tend to charge considerably more, so I can understand why Tyrek is keeping prices low for now. There are a handful of items out just now and I'm already excited about what might come next - Limits will be making a few of the competition a little nervous based on the first efforts.

New Limits

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