Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Green and Greener

Check out my a-ma-zing green skin, kindly given by Moni Schulze @ (red)Mint, formerly known as red Queen. It truly is a beau-ti-ful skin, I particularly love the freckles and lipgloss on it. I'm not wearing any other make-up layers on this snapshot to show you the details. It also comes with a cleavage enhancer, which is funny if you leave it on with another skin, as you end up with green boobies, GREAT party trick!

Next party trick here is my beloved Analog Dog Level hair in winter shade. I saw this hair on my sweet friend AnnaLee and fell in love with it, I swear to you, it moves like real hair, go try the demo, I guarantee you that you will buy it!! You can also colour the roots to personalise it, it's genius... I've had 15 people ask about it since yesterday!

Last but not least, the dress! The Sea hole is giving away the Cassia Glitter mini dresses, in 6 colours! The textures are impeccable, as usual, everything Drinkenstein Sorbet touches turns into golddust. Collabor88 is Drinky's new fashion project featuring some of the most well loved content creators in SL, and they are kicking off on 8/8, check out news and updates on the website and get ready for amazing shopping! So, to get the dresses, go to her mainshop, join the Collabor88 group and grab the dresses!

Green and greener

* Goblin skin @ (red)Mint (FREE group gift, skin, cleavage enhancer and prim nails)
* Level hair in white @ Analog Dog (Light Blondes pack - not free)
* Cassia Mini-dress in Peridot @ The Sea Hole (FREE group gift)
* Once upon the Hip poses @ Bent (thanks Catherine!)

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