Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Bee at Fantasy Faire

Hehehe... the Fantasy Faire has opened with an enormous bang and for everyone involved it's a big party. Personally, it has 'provided the impetus' to learn about new things, such as petites and other little fellas... in a confused haze while figuring out what is and what should be and where you get it.

The very nature of these little ones is story making by just being, you can't help but to become someone else from a world of magic where the impossible is most likely.

FantasyFaire 1

I became a farmer living in close cooperation with the natural and working for the fun and rewards of creating with my own hands, letting a life take form using what I had at hand.  My focus would be on sunflowers, honey mead and breeding rocking horses. Oi! This is fairy land, ok. Where do little rocking horses come from anyway?

I had repaired a couple of old hives that some big fellas let fall in disrepair. A couple of bee colonies had moved in. In exchange for some help, two hands are sometimes more useful than six legs, they would provide me all the honey I could need, which considering the physical scale of the operation, wouldn't be very much. With the honey I would make honey mead for sure *nods nods* 

A little greenhouse would be a must to give seedlings a helping hand every spring and of course a little wagon would be needed to transport produce. I have been spending hours contemplating (no kidding, I've had such fun with this stuff) if rocking horses can be used as draught animals, but I think I'll just leave that particular issue unresolved XD

FantasyFaire 2

I would, of course, have a little house... fully furnished with all the comforts of a big fella house. 

Since little fellas aren't stupid and know about nature, they all have a range of wings for different purposes, just as insects and birds with different lifestyles vary. Wouldn't it be cool to moonlight as Cupid around Valentine? Just imagine the fun and mischief. An elegant pair for that and a second of short broad ones for manueverability when working. Dragonfly wings would be the racing alternative, of course.

FantasyFaire 3

Even if plants look after themselves to a large extent, some patrolling and check ups would be needed... of course sunglasses would be necessary, 'sunflower' as in 'sun', yes? 

Well, that's how my life of choice as a little fella would be. Missing is my partner. Being french, her first question when she sees this guy will be 'is it edible' Again, no kidding.

Credits: Again, my thanks go out the designers, Napolde Vella, Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee who generously provided me with these hours of fun.

Little Greenhouse, Little Manor, Little Barrel Wagon: Fairy Pearls

Eternity Blue and Wishing Well Wings: Fairy Pearls

Sunflowers: Relay For Life Item,  The Looking Glass. Group of three. Copy/mod. Two versions 
included, one with particle bees, one without.

Rocking Horses: Field of Rocking Horses. Pack of five, each with a different pose. Sizes for both petites and normal avs included, The Looking Glass

Avatar: Petite avatar: Petites + Fallen Gods Inc.Male Crystal Violet.

Hair: Orion Petite Mesh Hair, Wasabi Pills

Jeans, tee, belt: From Petite Male Jeans and Tshirts,  The Looking Glass

Sunglasses, Sneakers: From Petites Bryson,  The Looking Glass

If you haven't been to Fantasy Faire yet, this link will take you to Fairelands Junction. This is not only the gateway to the eight faire sims, it's also the place where all the auction objects can be found.

Have fun!

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