Friday, April 20, 2012

Once Upon The Time At The Fantasy Faire

Once upon the time... ok ok... it was an early morning last week and I got geared up to go hunting. I came across this big wagon in a meadow. Full with barrels and bottles it looked kind of fun. There was no one around so I sat down, rather curious, to wait for the owner's return.

Pink Elephants 1

The sun rose over the horizon, with nothing but the attention than from the local residents coming my way... Still, no one came to chase me away either, which was good. I looked at the rows of colourful bottles and the temptation got the better of me. I started to pull corks, sniff and sample. After all, waiting makes thirsty work.

Pink Elephants 2

The bottles were all neatly labeled... I soon discovered there were more kinds than it had seemed at first. Some were good, some were not *shudders and makes a face* Some I recognised, others not. Some were divine *smiles dreamily at the memory of the Laphroaig* while others most definitely came from other places... I mean, who drinks bat bite?

The day became a warm one and soon a sort of a little bit too large pile of empty glasses, horns and cups and tankards littered the place. Ooohps! Well, no matter... I'd only tried a fraction anyway.

Pink Elephants 3

Then, out of nowhere these two purple guys rocked up... jeeeez... I mean, what happened to pink elephants? That's when things gets a bit hazy...

Either I asked them to go away or they asked me, can't remember. I remember being somewhere, though... *frowns thoughtfully* There was something huge and fiery... and some fighting... don't remember who fought who or why, though... And there was running... NO!... There was this woman first... yes... Not a thread to cover her body, quite a babe... Then she opened her mouth *wiggles hir fingers in front of hir lips* THAT'S were the running came in... that was freaky! *laughs nervously at the fragment of a memory* Then something else happened... don't ask me what... BUT, it must have had an happy ending because I came back to the wagon. *nods* I definitely remember I woke up under the wagon... *laughs somewhat pained and cradles hir head tenderly* I'll NEVER forget that part!


Pink Elephants 4

If you haven't figured it out yet, this is all about the Fantasy Faire, 21-29 April, opens TOMORROW! Eight sims full of it! All in the good cause of raising funds for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

Credits: I'm indebted to the creators behind Kittycat's Creations and The Looking Glass for these fantastic items. Thank you! The Looking Glass is one of the official sponsors and are the artistic talent behind one of the sims,  Meandervale.

Traveling Medicine Wagon

A truly mind boggling and generous creation from Kittycat's Creations. Auction item but also available at her store. There must be hundreds of different drinks (and poisons) in it, all of which has been researched and picked from literature, history, myth and different cultures. Each drink has it individually designed drinking vessel and there're some individual animations beside the drinking/sipping ones.


Corset and pants: Parts from Earth Child. I'll blog the items not covered here later, the textures are just ab fab! Available The Looking Glass' clothes store.
Boots, cape, belt, armor and circlet: Parts from the Morgana,  The Looking Glass, whose store at the faire is right next to the landing spot. Outfit is complete with pants, top and jacket and comes in a range of colours.
Hair: Atlas, Discord Designs. Fantastic slender mesh that sits just right. Bought at the Wear Grey event, don't know if it's available at main store yet.

Petite Unicorn:

Petite avatar: Petites + Fallen Gods Inc.Male Chrystal Violet. A little purple hottie.
Legs, tail, mane, horn and jewellery: La Licorne MauveThe Looking Glass. A few other bits and pieces are included in the set.


Complete avatar from The Looking Glass. Looks real cool when dancing on the spot btw XD

There you have it... or rather, there you have just a little part of this fantastic event. It's a feast for the eyes just to walk through the sims. SLURLs and designer lists can be found here => X. Have fun!

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Yes - Atlas is available in the main store...