Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Ya know what? I should do a big awesome post about something very cool and impressive. But it's an item in Lazy Sunday so I kinda wonder... do I have the energy?

I mean... that's the point of Lazy Sunday right? It's not about buying cool things cheap - it's about Sunday being a day for not working too hard. The designers don't? They work hard Saturday getting the stuff done! Then they too can have a Lazy Sunday.

But yeah, this is a big one so... a quickie. That funky funster (Oh I wish he was Finnish too...) Pho over at A:S:S has released another of his stunning skyboxes... but this one has something a little different...

Magpie Cottage

Magpie Cottage - 70L for today only - it's cool, and will get more expensive. It's a little forest cottage type place that will suit anyone who wants to hide away from the world. Although if you really want to hide be careful... this skybox has doors! People might come knocking or try to communicate with you or something!

Anyway, that's my work done for the day. I'm so lazy I'm still wearing the VITAMEN freebie boxers from last month. They've not changed yet. It's a great day for lazy shopping!

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