Saturday, July 7, 2012

River girl


Hello there! It's been AGES yes I know, maybe you don't even remember me but I used to blog and have fun here once lol, and I still have fun blogging, so big thanks to Marg who gave me the oppotunity to belog to Freebie Fashionista a little long time ago *hugs!* Well I have a little bit of everything, a freebie included even so let's begin:

I found this freebie few weeks ago and didn't have the chance to blog until today, in fact I'm only using it as inner shirt (green 3/4 sleeve top) but it's a dress by [Label Mode] which comes in 2 colors: green and yellow. Buy it for FREE at the Marketplace.

I layered it with the new Simple undershirt by :::Le Primitif::: in grey scale, what I like about Yani Tryce's releases is the color options she has such coral, lime, navy, etc. So go and take a look of all her products.

*EyeLure* has just released these Balloon shorts, they are mesh and I like the pattern pretty kawaii, I knew this brand as a makeup one but it's cool to know designers such Willow Markova try different things like clothing too. Thumbs up!

Another new release I'm wearing are these Moccasins in grey too by Kristica, these are unisex so you can get a pair and your boy can get another one, comes with little heart patterns or solid color too. Thank you Kristic Furman!.

For this cute look I chose this Sarang skin by Mother Goose's that I bought at Bomi's event but I'm sure it's available at mainstore.

My hair is from BOON, I went today and found she has released some cute really short hair styles, maybe some of you will love it.

Last but not least, my pose comes from the Model pack 74 by Focus Poses, I'm becoming addicted to these poses lol, so great for blogging.

Kisses and thanks for reading! xoxo

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