Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moon Festival Cart Sale Exclusives!!


Back again with more news and goodies from the Virtual Asia Moon Festival Cart Sale. Check out this stylish Asian Collar top- by ZanzE Couture. It is just one of the special items made exclusively for this event. These awesome Lacie earrings and Savitri bangle by FuLo are just the thing to accent this Asian inspired look. FuLo has a their own exclusive item for this sale and a shop in the city. Be sure to stop in and treat yourself to some of the best jewelry on the grid.


Starting out this look the lovely Mystic in Red set by Rivendell. It includes this stunning collar with matching arm bands and bracelets, a real bargin at just $90L.   Adding to the drama of this gorgeous set, Moon Festival Cart Sale exclusive, special glittery Moon Eyes shadow and festive geisha style Moon Festival Lips by BlackLiquid, another city designer offering  beautiful Asian inspired skins and make ups.

These are just a few of the special items you can look forward to picking up at the Virtual Asia Cart Sale and Mooncake Hunt for the next 3 days!!  Hints and info here  So don't miss out.

Top Pic
Hair: Elikatira

Bottom Pic:
Hair: Plume

Skin: Filthy
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Eyeliner: Les Petite Details

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