Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mooncake Hunt

Mooncake Hunt Pt1

The Moon Festival Cart Sale started off with a bang on Sept 30th with the lovely Moon Festival Fashion show, brought to you by Virtual Asia in association with Kabuki Boutique followed by a wonderful fireworks display. Right now the streets of Virtual Asia are lined with great designer goodies and specials for $99L and less. Several awesome designers even have exclusive items made just for this event. If you would like to see some pics of these items check out the flickr stream, if you have some pics of items you got at this event we would love for you to share them with us as well. The Mooncake Hunt also started on this day and this sporty Beautiful Baggies set by Paris Metro is one of the fantastic gifts you can snag at this fun hunt. This gift includes these flirty pop floral baggies and Crinkle Paper Halter top, a complete outfit, be sure you get yours by Oct14th. If you need hints and tp's to the locations, you can find them here

Mooncake Hunt Pt1

This exclusive Fallen Angel tattoo from Collisions and cute Gothica earrings by Hollyweird are some of the other gifts you can look forward to collecting on this short hunt where you will explore the city of Virtual Asia picking up mooncakes. Here I show this with Haifa skin by WOW currently available at The Retreat, where you can enjoy some relaxing retail therapy for $50L and less, as well as a lounge with generous gifts from over 20 of the best content creators in sl. While you are there check  out the beautiful gardens and fully stocked Free Public Photo Studio, tp's are next to the door. That is all for now but stay tuned for more from the Mooncake Hunt...

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Hair: Tameless
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Pose: Bent!
Eye Liner- Les Petite Details 
Boots- J's

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