Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You are more beautiful than you think

Dove® launched the Campaign for Real Beauty in 2004 after a major global study proved the hypothesis that the definition of beauty had become limiting and unattainable, finding that only 2% of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful. Provoking discussion and encouraging debate, this campaign has resulted in some short films and ad's designed to challenge people to widen the definition of what real beauty is. 

In this video they show the shocking results of an experiment that illustrates the big difference in how women see themselves versus how others see them. We all know that sometimes we are our own harshest critic but to see it this way made a big impression on me. As a result I wanted to remind all my ladies out there that...


So those little things about yourself that you take as flaws, are really the things that others notice that make you unique. Embrace them and today look at yourself in the mirror and pick one thing about yourself that you love. 

Click here to find out more about the Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty 

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