Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Clairiere Village

I'm so excited to tell you about this place I found recently that I just can't sit still!

If you haven't been yet, you really should visit The Clairiere Village. It's a lovely little area with three adorable cottages that house the shops that make up the village. Grab a lemonade to sip as you walk around, or sit and have a cup of tea to contemplate which lovely items you want to buy.

These are not huge stores that try to bombard you with huge selections, they are small shops that focus on quality over quantity. Join the Prelude's Foyer group for just 150L and you can get beautiful gifts from each of the three stores!

Ok, I guess I'll sit still a minute and give you the details. Freckles Designs has this beautiful Lou skin as their group gift. I just love the freckles and the details on the makeup. Of course the light eyebrows snagged me fast, but they come in a darker shade also. The complete Lou skin collection comes in 12 makeups with cleavage and freckles options. It also comes with great alpha layer lipsticks that you will have sooooo much fun with!

After you are done there, stroll on over to Clairiere's and check out the most adorable girlie girl outfits you can find. They look so sweet and innocent, even bad girls like most of us could pass for good girls! Her colors and textures are just beautiful. They make you want to find a meadow and pick wild flowers for hours! Clairiere's group gift is this oh-so adorable Petite dress in mint.

But if the girlie girl just isn't for you, then you can mosey on over to Prelude for designs that are for those of you that like to dress more sophisticated. You will find beautiful long flowing gowns that are to die for, and will make your special occasion even more special. And also sleek form fitting dresses that will turn any head. And be sure to pick up Prelude's lingerie group gift.

Again I have to stress detail here ladies, all three shops make you want to buy everything they sell! But don't take my word for it, go over to The Clairiere Village and see for yourself. Just one of these free gifts is well worth the 150L to join the group!

*Note: If you love that chair I'm playing around in, you should go check out Dolome Designs. Look for the Purple-n-Pink Polkadot Plushie Patuootie Plunker...rofl, I LOVE the name of that chair!!

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