Sunday, September 26, 2010

Snow White Hunt

The cute little dwarves (monsters!) and I had so much fun doing this hunt... We even organised a reunion, see for yourself! The Snow White hunt (start LM and info here) is running until Thursday 30th September, hurry, lots of goodies, I know I will keep most of them. A BIG thank you to all my dwarvish friends for making this blog possible and to Krist Tenk and her fabulous avatars.

Dwarf avatars from Krist Tenk at
Tenk Tank, L$200 each, so cheap and she's got lots of freebies in her shop.

Snow White and the seven dwarves


Let's have a look at the outfits now, pretty dresses and apples, yay! Wearing MiaSnow's Belladonna skin (Free from Lucky board) and dark red nails (Free, upstairs).

SW outfits

On the left:
Snow White dress: #30
Likka House
Hair: #7
Apple Twig: #61
Concrete Flowers
Apple and pose: #59
Maitreya pumps fatpack (Free). Blogged before here by Margaux.

On the right:
Red dress: #19

And check out the fun gizmos... there's is a fantasy mirror you can wear, check yourself out, re-apply some lippy then click the mirror and WOW, you'll get this funky coffin. Fun fun fun. It's #39 at

SW mirror

SW coffin

Note: I do NOT apologise to those whose reputations have been damaged on this blog, next time, ask before TP'ing to me and do not wee on my mushrooms *laughs*

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