Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cool free poses anyone?

Head over to >MZ< Animations, join the group for free, and pick up these really cool poses. Look around while you are there, I know I saw some poses I haven't really seen anywhere else! There are poses for men, women, couples, and groups. Model poses, serious poses, fun poses, crazy poses, RP poses...

Her "Lara Croft" poses are really great, double-fisting your weapons as you tumble around dodging bullets flying at you. Looking sexy no matter what position you end up in...who's never had that fantasy? *laughs* Her poses even range towards the macabre with "Boom he & she". Ever had the fantasy to sneak up behind your cheating boyfriend and blow his head off? Well now you can get a real feel for it and he'll still get to keep his brains!

I didn't have two hunky men to pose with me (Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!), so I snapped a quick pic of her ad pose for her "Couple Decadence" pose. Pretty decadent huh?

And here are her "swimsummer and Crazy poses"...we all need to get a little wild every now and then, right?

Don't miss "Beyonce" and "Beyonce Diva" either...the names say it all.

And she also has this "Relax Room" pose that comes with a whole room! (My studio is a mess right now because I'm moving, so I had to rez this on my roof to take a pic for

These are some great poses and all free, you will have lots of fun with them, I promise. When you TP in, walk around the corner for the group joiner and gifts. I had a lot of fun and surprises walking around looking at the poses, I can't wait to see what else Monica has in store for us.

If you like the outfit & accessories I'm wearing, stop by the LOW Bazaar. The outfit is from !Right Fashion and is on sale for only 50L. And the jewelry and shoes are from Ear Candy, on sale for only 30L. You can't go wrong at the LOW Bazaar.


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