Monday, September 27, 2010

X marks the spot

I absolutely ADORE this dollarbie from Tiny Bird.

1- Rez the poseballs
2- Wear the 'X marks the spot' tattoo (comes in many layers)
3- Give the 'I give you my heart' tattoo to your beloved (they are transferable)
4- Adjust the poseballs if your hunk's middle name is Godzilla
5- Swoon!

I just had to get my own personal hunk for this snapshot. Thank you, Ygor, for your time, doing this with me, and for being my wonderful friend and much more...

X marks the spot

Skin and eyebrows: London Sienna @ Cupcakes (Free from MM)
Hair: Lost @
Lamb (not free)
Eyes: Monet @
Shine (Free in shop). Also blogged by my eye-expert friend Elfie.
Lingerie: Yves @
Seldom Blue (Dollarbie)

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