Monday, October 4, 2010

Free and cheap...wonderful things to show you

I don't have much time, but I just had to jump in and tell you all about a few things real quick.

First up are these awesome eyes on sale at Damage Virtual Clothing. They are a new item Dave has created and put on sale for the LOW sale group for just 50L each. You have to see these eyes to believe them! Here are the "Damage Chance Nebula" eyes, so many colors popping out in them, and don't miss the little heart hiding in there! (Click on the photos to enlarge them!)

When you get to Damage walk inside and around the desk, then go in the door to your left and they will be right in front of you, big display on the wall. The body overlay (tattoo layer for supporting viewers) I'm wearing is a free gift from Curious Kitties, very cool and lots of fun to play with. She also has some other great gifts in the new store. And the hair I'm wearing is the 7000 member group gift from D!iva that Nicandra sent in her shopping list 163 yesterday.

I also want to tell you about the wonderful tattoo layer lashes from Unique Clothing. They are brand new and she has them out with all of her other great Unique group gifts. Ivannna has spoiled me for lashes now, I won't wear anything else! (The eyes in this photo are Damage Chance Jungle.)

One more quick free gift to tell you about. Sway has this most adorable Scuba Cookie Bear as a scribo gift. If you don't want summer to end, this is a great way to keep it hanging on a little longer. You wear him on your shoulder, his eyes blink and his snorkel blows bubbles. I've barely taken it off since I got it...LOL I found a lot of pretty great things at Sway, you really should visit. (The eyes in this photo are Damage Chance Surge.)

There are a LOT more eyes to choose from at Damage. You can even get all 39 eyes for the very low price of 1000L in the fat pack. (These eyes are usually 129L each, that's less than 1/4 of the regular price.) The skin I am wearing in all pics is not on sale, but it's from Freckles Designs.

On a side note, the LOW Bazaar has expanded and new stores are coming in every day. Be sure to stop by for your one stop sale shopping!


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