Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moo silly cow!!

I remember being deleted once after calling a 'friend' of mine a 'silly cow' but it's affectionate! So here we are, Miyoko aka Miss Fat Cow 2010 (Miyoko LOVES being called a cow), Flash aka Sensitive Udders, me aka Moo Moo blogger and Mummy who carried on eating. The farm is Dutch, the milk is fresh and the pyjamas (including slippers and the cow-toy) are FREE!! Moo heaven!

Silly cow!

The whole shop is free, explore it, it's fantastic, they have all sorts. Me loves Japanese designers, A-LOT. It's called Milk Hall Fair's Attic and here is your tractor. Oh and if you haven't been to Miyoko's shop either, shame on you, she's got fabulous stuff in there, mainly animation poses for photos or AOs. And she will be waiting for you with some milk and music.


Miyoko Magic said...

Moooooooooo! Moomooomoooo moo moo mooo? moooooooo :)

✰ Claire ✰ said...

Shoosh you silly cow MOO!!

Margaux said...

lol I love cows too I have always wanted one