Sunday, October 3, 2010



I went to go and see my friend Spirit at Itutu and they are celebrating fall with some special seasonal items being offered in a cart sale on the courtyard. With great shops like Atelier AM, KAO, Yumyum & DEN-DOU you know there are some great goodies here. Some really nice skins, costumes and hair. So be sure to check it out.

I went straight for *Yumyum*, the hair demos are so much fun and this time was no different. Not only was the demo for 24 in my color it also had demo parts attached for the special Halloween outfit Lil Devil that is one of the offerings from *Yumyum* for this fall celebration. The 24 demo includes cute little bat wings and horns with a little feather trim around them so cute I could not resist sharing it with you. All the new hairs are cute and the hair demos for the new styles also have fun demo parts from the new costumes. Other costumes include Alice, Werewolf, and Mummy.


The skin I am wearing is Isolde Vivante - 17 by :: Exodi :: . Group gift in the notices for the month of October. I really liked the berry hues of the make up. I especially like the glittery dotty eye shadow it has too. This great gift has 5 skintones, and 8 various brow and cleavage options for each skin tone. It also came with hair bases and eyelashes that I am wearing here. It is a group gift but this group isn't free. This group is 250L to join. You will get that back and then some in just this gift alone and she gives at least one gift a month. SO worth the money.

Just a quickie post.


Hair:*barberyumyum*24/not free

Skin::: Exodi :: Isolde Vivante - 17- Group gift/$250L join fee

Eyes:MADesigns EYES_PROMISE ~ green 5 / Past group gift previously blogged here

Shirt:[LeeZu!] Miss Tre`s Blouse /black not free

Necklace: [NC]-Pendant09-Smile group gift $0L join fee

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