Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Those were the days...

We were young, we were free, we pranced about without a care in the world... Like sand through an hourglass, so does the world turn... ok enough of that rubbish *chuckles* Hey! Everything you see here is FREE, hurray!


On Flash (bless him):
Skin: Shawn skin @
Belleza (Group gift, L$250 to join group but you'll get so many gorgeous skins out of it...)
Shape: Andy @
Miyoko Magic aka Miss Fat Cow 2010 (Free MHO hunt prize #29)
Avoid (Free from previous MHO hunt)
Boxer shorts:
Concrete flowers (Free MHO hunt prize #26)
Monkey tattoos:
Aitui (Free in Tattoo section of the shop)

On me:
Mango, Mango! (Free 'Blame it on the Pop' hunt prize)
Hair: Reed @
Uncleweb Studio (I love this shop and this male/unisex freebie, high quality and available all year around)
Tank set:
T Junction (Free gift in shop)


Miyoko Magic said...

wait a minute... The guy is free too? ;)

Sileny said...

Yaaaay! Thank you for posting Mango, Mango! :D