Friday, July 22, 2011

Nomine PurpleMoon

Nomine Purple Moon

Sorry I have not been posting so much, but rl has a way of sneaking in sometimes and taking over, but while I have the time let me tell you about some great things I have found that are too good to keep to myself. Lets start with this gorgeous Marilyn gown from PurpleMoon. It is currently group gift for the group reaching 8K members!! Congrats Poulet Konenkamp!!

Nomine Purple Moon

The form fitting bodice with criss cross pleating on the front accented with rhinestones lets down to a sexy open front skirt with rows of luxurious ruffles cascading down all over. Accented at the waist with a subtle roses this stunning gown is sure to be just the thing for that next formal occasion. Really a generous gift, although there is a fee to join the group (50L), you get that back with this gift alone and many others to follow if you stay in the group.

Nomine Purple Moon

Supporting this sexy formal look is this new Magpie skin from Nomine, I love the full lush lips on this skin and the nostalgic glamor it brings to this look. This skin is available in many complimentary skin-tones with great make-up options. Also doing it's part to add to this look ZivaII jewerly set by Alienbear Gupta (my personal favorite sl jeweler). This simple but elegant set lends itself very well to this look. It includes necklace, earrings, and head tiara (not shown). A group gift for the month of June but still available and free to join the group. There is also memebers only room with lots of great goodies and generous past gifts. So don't miss out on that when you have a look around.

Well time to get back to it!! I am so glad we had this time together, precious moments they just seem to fly.....

See you around the grid and pray for Norway

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