Friday, May 11, 2012

A for Avalon Fantasy... or for Archaic?

Some of you will be aware of my revisiting Ronja Pera's creations in a mix of her classic designs that still can be found in the big freebie palaces. After collecting and sorting all of her old outfits I could get hold of, I want do do something more with them rather than just pack them away again. Why not create a little fashion history directory thought I.

Sooo...welcome to the first instalment of Ronja A-Z... with some gaps. Using a specially created fem av, of course called Ronja, I'll present the outfits on letter at the time on vaguely weekly basis. Nothing wordy, just pics.

Why? Why not? With her fantastic designs, she's a SL childhood memory many share and will recognise on sight. Independent if one even ever wore her stuff, she's a name that most likely can be found at the very top of the most widely known designers.

The only outfit I could find that starts with an A is something that from the simplicity of it must represent the very first generation of outfits she put out... so here we go! A is for Avalon Fantasy:

Ronja A


Outfit: Avalon Fantasy available at Freebie Galaxy, FREE

Necklace: Chakra BoHo Beads, Lucas Lameth

Belt: Milly, PixelFashion

Shoes: Bondar Pumps White, Isis at The Retreat - 25L

About Ronja the av:

Shape: own

Hair: Madison 2, Analog Dog

Skin: Jazmine, Nvious by Gg at The Retreat - 50L Blogged before here => X

Pose: own

Ronja's present store, RDesigns can be found here => X

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