Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lucy in the Sky

/me disentangles hirself from an armful of booshies and finds a lonely spot to get some peace and quiet. This outfit was meant to be blogged in my last post but that one got overrun by little funny creatures. This is actually a second part of a post, but because the first is not about fashion beyond be being dressed, I didn't post it here. You can check it out here if you're still curious => X.

Lucy In The Sky 3

I think I might suffer from some kind bi-polar fashion disorder... this lot is so different from the last I blogged but I enjoy them as much. Actually, in this instance you can talk about love... look at these boots! Believe it or not, they're out for absolutely free, no group needed or anything! 

From there, the colours just washed over me. Even if it's theoretically very busy, the combination of colours and textures work. Well, for me anyway. Patch work jacket, painted jeans, hand dyed silk scarf... plus those boots, pure labours of love! The human touch.

Here's the details:

Jacket: From Earthchild outfit, The Looking Glass (a couple of other pieces blogged here => X)

Scarf: Scarf - Jaipur, BoHo HoBo (or is it Meena now, I'm confused) Available in a great range of textures

Pants: Kelly Jeans Flower, ALB Dreamfashion. New release of colourful painted and printed jeans... there's some older, as wild ones available too.

Boots: California Dream Boots, ALB Dreamfashion, FREE

Yay! Got it done without any little beasties taking over. I suppose I don't have any bi- or multi- polar thingy of any kind, there's just so much fashion and it's all fun. Until next time! Take care and have fun!


Lucy said...

I ADORE the boots- where did you find them for free? I see them in the shop but only for $349. Lucy x

Siss said...

The boots should be as wearable demos ABOVE the colours for sale. Hopefully that hasn't been changed.