Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out of All Worlds

Right, so I'm in the middle of my SL mid life crisis... a quite fun place to be, actually. I went back to the 'old' freebie palaces last week out of pure nostalgia and I was delighted to come face to face with Ronja Pera's old fullperm stuff, see 'old' post here.

Remember Ronja and her fantastic outfits and legendary boots? Suddenly curious about who she is today, I searched out her store, RDesignS. With a lot of her goodwill, some lindens, lucky chairs and group gifts, I landed myself with a huge pile of her new and old designs. Getting around the mostly fem focus with some mixing, I landed myself with the following suitably androgyne personae...


/me kicks the useless pile of metal and looks around for one of those camels that now call Australia home. They might be a bit smelly but most definitely better suited for offtrack. 
From RDesingS:

Piercing: from Electra - review copy
Scarf: from Electra - review copy
Top: from Sasha Black - group gift, other colours available for purchase
Pants: from Sasha Black - group gift, other colours available for purchase
Boots: Biker Black Boots Harley - group gift

Other stuff ('old', no slurls given):

Hair: Teeloh, Wasabi Pills
Tattoo: Ta Moko Mana, Miss Shippe's Studio
Necklace: Medicine Pouch Neck Med Wheel, Lakhota Craft
Bandana: Bandana Addon, Death Row Designs - old stuff
Cuff: Unconditional - Misery, Davinel - old stuff
Straps: Unconditional - Crawler, Davinel - old stuff


Moving on into the deep shadows of the crumbling ruins in the old world. Are they real or but a figment of our imagination?

From RdesignS:

Corset: from Moonlight -  lucky chair
Pants: from Electra - review copy
Gloves: from Moonlight - lucky chair
Flexi Arm Silks: from Gipsy - lucky chair... a marvellous 'mess' of lace and ribbons
Boots: Gothica, included in Electra but also sold separately - review copy

Other stuff ('old', no slurls given):

Hair: Vanessa, Truth
Neck corsage: old stuff


Another jump across an another ocean to the simmering multicultural cauldron of the new world.

From RDesignS:

Top: from Roomie, review copy 
Pants: from Roomie, review copy
Boots: CowBoyBootS Leather, from Emily, review copy. Comes with  little dress in same colour that's real cute.

Other stuff:

Hair: Scarab Hair, LeLutka 
Jewellery (even if not properly visible): Pocahontas, Chop Zuey


Stars are, of course, the bling of the angels' boots *nods nods* I couldn't do this without showing some vintage Ronja. Thanks to her generosity, I now have three boxes full of her fullperm things. Looking at the outfits now, I can't help but to admire how they're put together. Often they consist of only one or two decorative elements that has been manipulated into an imaginative whole. 

The Golden Snake above reminds me of the artful armour of angels on renaissance paintings. Maybe the included feathery wings might have something to do with it XD Anyway, archangel Michael kindly lent me his image for a day. S/he's cool.

Other stuff ('old', no slurls given):

Halo Glow; from Angelicus, Rising Silks - old hunt gift... I think
Wings: Angel Wings, Sensations - old stuff
Hair: Madison 2, Analog Dog
Props: Guardian set... not available anymore

There you have it! Thank you Ronja for all the goodies! I think I'll continue and work on my vintage Ronja collection while some of these things are still available. Somehow it captures the creative innocence I remember as a newbie and which has been lost from large parts, not all, of SL. That's it... mid life crisis over XD

Take care and have fun!

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