Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To Be or Do-Be-Doo...?

I am not really myself today, as you can see, and I'm tearing myself apart quite a lot actually for not making sense at all... as usual maybe. *Thinks for a moment* That would mean I am myself... doh!

As you MIGHT know, I'm a bit precious about my herm shape. I know I'm even ridiculous about it at times. However, with the introduction of mesh, I think more than me have faced that dilemma. How much do you change yourself just to fit?

There's no answer to that problem. That's a first prize for dorky but... When I shop and pay for an item, I can be ruthless... but... then there're times when... Well, then there're times when what you're wearing is simply more important than you are. Like the stuff today, for example...


There's another worthy fund raising event about to happen. This time it's about the absolute least empowered beings in our society... our animals. Ranked lowest on our screwed scale of 'worth', their lives and wellbeing are completely in our hands to an extent that can only be described as nauseating. 

The SVPAP Project Rescue is an event (1-22 June) to raise desperately needed funds for an animal rescue center that's been caught up in the economic turmoil in Spain. It has reached the critical moment of be or not to be. That's no 'do-be-doo' for the about 500 animals who's life is at stake or those countless others that find a new home thanks to this organisation. More info can be found on their blog.

A range of stores have joined in with donation items (100% at the event, 50% in stores). Check out the  blog for the full list of participating stores. I'll gently remind you in the coming weeks and, putting my grumpy herm self aside, find the peeps and stories hiding among the wide range of stuff at the same time. 


Shape: Anger Reload, Superbia
Skin: Hello Kitteh, Sugar 
Eyes: Coro, Umeboshi - with 'prim glints'
Mouse: Trapped Mouse, Psycho:Byts - with or without wriggles and blinking
Top, mesh: Off Shoulder Top-Bird, Iren

Thank you guys!!!

Oh, the event opens 1 June, but here's the limo all fuelled and polished for later use => X.

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