Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trendy Pinky Mauve Ovation Prim Jacket @ SD Wears (Subscribo Giftie)

I thought you trendy fashionistas might like to know about this fabulous prim Pink Ovation Jacket @ SD Wears. It is incredibly well made & incorporates all the features that define great styling, including prim cuffs, belt, & collar. The texture is great & can also be teamed with a little tank dress for a more feminine look although I quite like it here worn with a more tomboyish choppy look. I was going to add a ciggie but I thought Margaux might tell me off! :)

Pinky/Mauve Ovation Jacket*@ SD Wears (Subscribo Giftie)
Madelene Fedora Hat hair @ DCNY (part of Madelene outfit)
Shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::
Misty Skin @ League
Tank Top @ DYN

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