Saturday, January 30, 2010

~Veggie Patch Girl @ Kuri Style

Gosh..this veggie patch is hard work! Just as well the pretty Denim Fur Dress @ Kuri Style cost only $2! I have been a fan of Kuri's designs for some time & I am delighted to be able to promote her rather unique, Japanese inspired creations. Her shop has a variety of affordable goodies including super poses, dresses & gowns.
~Denim/Fur Dress @ Kuri Style ($2)
~Juliette Hair in Champagne @ Exile
~Emile Petite Shape (Special* $10) @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::
~Alyson Skin @Belleza (Group Gift $250 join fee)
~Bangles & Earring @ CCD
I took a leaf out of the gorgeous & artistic LisaMunn's book & took this shot in Adelaide..a lovely nature SIM. I am usually lazy about backdrops but liked this particular SIM. Lots of little pose animations including a washer woman one. I had to beat a hasty retreat though as my knees ached from all that kneeling in the veggie patch! LOL


LisaMun Aronowicz said...

awww Xanthe, that's so sweet of you, never thought of myself as artistic or gorgeous LOL!! But hey I love that backdrop and the dress and the whole package!! lol I really should visit Kuri Style now:-)))

Xanthe Audeburgh said...

But you are sweetie! see you inspired me :) Hugzxx