Saturday, November 27, 2010

Leimoni free gown and other good deals!

Hello! How's weekend going? Hope alright!. Today I was grabing all freebies and cheapies as I could when I found a free gown, I usually don't wear gowns, just when I have a wedding or party but I love the color of this one and was curious but 10 minutes before I found it I had bought a pair of pumps from the same color!! I swear! So this must definatelly be posted :D


A close up:

And now the credits of course!:

Leimoni - Jewels gown - FREE
Fierce body - Pam 08 light - not free, but usually this store has three skins for 50L and changes from time to time.
Magika - Aurora in onyx - not free, but ths store has a lovely freebie hair pack and other discounted packs for 49L or 99L.

PS1: Just in case you want to see my pumps. I love themmm. Find them in
Jazumi. If you go this weekend they are on SALE 50% (43L)


PS2: I forgot to mention that I don't use photoshop, or any other photo editor, my pics are just the way I see them in SL. :)

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