Monday, November 22, 2010

Ready for winter and waiting for Josh

It's gone chilly outside so I put away all my skimpy elvish outfits and finally got myself some gorgeous winter clothing. And as usual, did not spend a fortune on it. ONE linden for the lot, go me! I then headed for Sydney International Airport as I had to go pick up hunky Josh Holloway from the Lost TV series (I just had to link Josh, for those who have been on Mars for the last 563 years, and anyway, we don't get enough eye candy in here!). Here is the snapshot I took while I was waiting for him. Dream on Claire!

Waiting for Josh

* Hair with hat @ Trico (Free Group gift)
* Winter dress @
Badoura (Dollarbie in shop)
* Inuit boots and leather bag from
Pelletteria Morrisey.(The boots are a very old hunt item and the bag is to come at the Peace on Earth hunt, starting on 1 December)

The Pelletteria Morrisey designer, Didi, is a Saint, I've been pestering her for months to have her hunt items for sale but she won't do it, she thinks hunt items should be special and unique. If I carry on asking, she will either do it, or file a virtual restraining order against me, so, I'll carry on :-) Go visit her
shop, it's full of excellent Italian leather.

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