Friday, February 11, 2011

All The Girls Love A Cowboy

I had the luck of discovering the wonderful 22769 - Casual Couture during MHO3 last year. Little did I know they were such a new store at the time, but the other day I got a group message saying that they were turning 1 year old! (But for ones so young, they have a lot of history.) Even better, to celebrate they were giving away yet another free outfit with their five part Valentine/birthday combo hunt. Well, two outfits really, one for dudes and another for dames.

Yep, that's right partner, I hit the trail yesterday and grabbed my goodies. Then apparently I stayed on the trail... After travelling for so long I was feeling mighty tired, so imagine my joy at coming across a welcoming campfire (and a fair lady overseeing aforementioned fire as everyone knows - unattended fires kill, be safe campers).

All The Girls Love A Cowboy

That's me being dark and broody with the delightful Lyrilen and my trusty steed Angle. Lucky for me, Lyrilen had also been hunting at 22769 so she was wearing the female version of the gift, and as nice as my legs do look in that skirt I think most people are probably glad she was available to pose for a photo with me.

But wait, cowboy fun over I have even better news! Groupgiftpalooza! Yes, wander into the store and be welcomed by the archive of group gifts, at a stunning 10L each. Truly, this is the bargain of the grid right now in my eyes. Luckily I have most of them already, but I had to grab the two I was missing to complete my collection. These are clothes that have made me smile numerous times since I discovered this store, the Safari outfit from last October may well be my pick of the bunch but I'm sure you'll find something to appeal. Most, if not all, are unisex and are highly recommended by me, the grumpy cowboy.


✰ Claire ✰ said...

Funny as hell, and glad Lyrilen is there to show the skirt, your legs are not your strong point, Flash :-)

Paco Pooley said...

OH MY GOD - thank you so much for that wonderful post. Manuel and myself are truly flattered and also had a good laugh about this entry. You definitely made our day :-)

Flash said...

I made your day? I think you made mine good sir! It's nice to know I brought a smile to designers who have brightened my SL so.