Sunday, February 6, 2011

(I am trying not to scream with joy)

Today is possibly one of the happiest days of my Second Life. I have finally downloaded and used the pre-alpha version of the Firestorm viewer. It is not the beta version or the release candidate, it might be buggy but I'm happy anyway. This Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious viewer combines some Viewer 2 features such as the long awaited Multiple Tattoo layers (previously blogged here) and the display names WITH the friendly User Interface that I love(d) in Emerald, Emergence and Phoenix.

I had to take a snapshot (from 'my' new home) of my multiple tattoo layers (5 layers here) to show you. I also want to thank my amazing friend Ygor, for giving me this new home when becoming homeless last week. Thank you so much...

On fire with Firestorm

Let me briefly list a few of my fave features (full list here):

* Dockable/undockable nearby chat floater
* Ability to type in nearby chat floater
* V1 style friend and group lists in the communications window
* Removal of side bar tabs to the bottom bar
* Un-docked side bar panels can be closed and re-opened from bottom bar buttons
* Un-docked side bar panels remember their last location/size etc.
* Ability to hide Home, Profile and Places side tab buttons on the bottom bar
* Disable TP screens, Login & Logout progress screens
* Ability to hide the bottom chat bar via re size
* Additional Windlight sky and water presets

Here are the download links, go on, you know you want to.
Windows - Mac - Linux

And finally, please take the time to watch Jessica Lyon's tutorial, they're very useful, well put together and will save you time finding your way around. Thanks Jessica, great work here.

Should you be as excited as me by this, and wish to report bugs and/or make comments, here is the jira.

Credits: Lashes and lipgloss from Iris Ophelia, Eyes from Ibanez, Band-aid from Grixdale, Lip strip from La Petite Morte, Hair from Ohmai, Ears from Mynerva, Skin from LAQ.


KEVINN Draconia said...

oohhh i was so happy to see this blog!
I've been waiting for Phoenix with multiple tattoo layers for a while now so i downloaded the preview.
Then i logged in and i saw the V2 layout and i was like "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!"
What a bugger :(
I just hate that layout :( meh
but thanks for posting!

✰ Claire ✰ said...

Thanks! Hey the layout is the same-ish but you can undock your bits and make it your own... if you have problems with it, IM me inworld, I'll try to help :))