Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fashion bites

Hello!!! Just some freebies and cheapies I found:


Top: Adoness - Part of ILSLF Hunt (dress) - FREE
Skirt and leggins:
Plastik - Part of December dollarbie - 1L (Still available at the store, more things inside the box)
Baby Monkey - Elise Valentine Pump in Plum - 10L (Until February 14th, other 4 colors also set at 10L)


Hair: Adoness - The Valentine Diva Hunt prize - FREE (Other two colors)
Top and shorts:
Deco - My Depraved Valentine Hunt - 6L
Pivaaca - Coat for the SGB 3rd anniversary - FREE (Other freebies there). Also I should tell ya this store was previously known as Kiitos :)


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