Monday, February 7, 2011

My Funny Valentine <<----ok so not original!

So.... G*Field is having a little Valentines Hunt and the prizes are wicked cute!!!!
Not everything is free but its very low priced!
Im just gonna show you one of the complete looks you can find :)
You get the dress and necklace(50L) New Eve Shoes (50L) Heart Bag (0L), Heart Earrings (0L) all found in little teddy bears throughout the store!
There are several other dresses to be found for 0L and Shoes that are so very cute! 10 Teddy Bears in all are scattered through the store (very easy to find!)
Im loving the new Eve Pumps that until now were only available in the Chic Limited Event! Now you can get these for 50L!
Enjoy! And Happy Valentines Day! Teena :)

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