Friday, June 17, 2011

La 22769 Eventa

A quick post for a quick sale! You may have heard of La Venta Eventa - a weekend sale with a maximum price of 100L. They have categories with limited numbers in so you don't need to spend all your wages in one weekend and then have nothing to buy for a month. Not that I go crazy when dresses are on sale or anything.

This week(end) the 22769 team offer up a rather dapper sports jacket for menswear. And a pretty cool T-shirt. And rather snazzy jeans (they have very good denim happening I have to say, and the belt attaches well to them - although even I found it a bit small so if you're a big boy expect to edit). All for 100L total cost - usual price 250L.

22769 La Venta Eventa

Not bad going. I have a feeling I might like this La Venta Eventa. Even if it is at a weekend when I usually forget to do everything.

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