Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's Girl Power!!

Power to the girls today with, not one, but TWO amazing lady designers.

Let's start with SLink's Siddean Munro and her swoonalicious Lulu stilettos. Check them out, navy ones on the pic. And to be honest, I'm not normally crazy about shoes, as I'm in love with my SLink prim feet. Not only are they gorgeously made but the skin matching hud took me 10 seconds to match the skin. Me likey a lot. Plus... how cute are the toes... I've even heard rumours that she would update the prim feet with the same cute toes as these. Let me swoon again. Thanks Sid.

Lulu madness

SLink hud

How do you like the mirror effect on the shoes... it was a bit tricky to start with, but once you know how to, it's easy, sort of thing. I wouldn't have been able to pull it without Leyla Firefly's genuine kindness, who, not only made me the shoe mirror, but also Skyped me through the Photoshop procedure for the effect!! I still can't believe it. I mean, fair enough, Leyla is not busy at all, she only runs the oldest and most beautiful furniture shop on the grid, Belle Belle Furniture. Thanks Leyla.

Couldn't help having a last minute party in one of her ultra modern living rooms, here is the Arne design. Love it. So I tp'ed the girls, Andie, Cat Cattus and Elfie, tp'ed the Queen last, aka Cron Nexen from Okey Designs and the rest is history.

Belle Belle arne living room

Have a look at her latest creation, an adorable Horse Stable, beautifully designed with many details... Passion Inside version available with some lusty lovemaking in the hay *grins*

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