Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy freebie sunday

*stretching out* Hello!!! It's been a while since I posted here, why??? Because simply wouldn't let me post, and I had to bother Margaux or Cattus to do it for me :/

But I've been dying to write here so I have a free look for you all:


My top is from Izzies and comes in 3 colors Blue, pink and white, get it for FREE for the TOSL Hunt.

I wanted this post to be FREE and I was lucky to find these pants for Her Style Hunt for 0L at
Simply, store has hints but I'll just tell you second floor :). It's actually a complete outfit btw.

My lovely flats made me so happy because I got like 4 pairs for FREE going to
K2K Enterprises and hunting the bottle for the Depraved Summer Night Hunt. What I have to say is that there's an orange part that I think it's from the shoe base that is visible and shouldn't... :/ other than that I like the redish star pattern ones :)

Other items not free but yummy:

Ana skin by FILTHY (Thank you Alexandra Barcelos!!!)
Raine hair by KIN (I got it for 100L per single color and I heart it)
*JD* flower necklace (Thank you Joice Dreamscape!!)
My eyes are from Illusory and I got them for 25L... I'm still getting used to a darker color XD Though my rl eyes are brown lol!


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