Friday, June 10, 2011


It may not surprise many people to learn that my head has many strange thoughts floating around in it. Many of which I don't even know about, which can be fun! So with the Skate N Surf hunt running for just a few more days I thought I would use one of the gifts from Enlil to play with one. Namely, tinting!

Now I will admit I'm guilty of this one, but we buy goodies and wander around. Some people don't even bother adjusting the prims to fit. But what if you have something tintable? I have a few white shirts that I tint as my mood takes me. It can be tricky getting the shade just right sometimes, but it is usually cheaper than a fatpack and even more flexible. It's handy, but sometimes you want even more diversity! That's where the Sahi tattoo I picked up comes in. I have been thinking about this and I know I have barely touched the surface with this one, but you can create quite different looks just with a little dye.

As an example, let's start with a trip to the beach! I grabbed the Surf's Up board & Pose from Embody and, knowing what the sun can do to delicate skin like mine, I grabbed the sun block. Now i know a lot of surfers do those lines on their nose and cheeks but I figured I'd be different. Which is why I drew patterns on my chest.

Manywear Surfing

That was a pretty sporty way to start the day, so as the sun climbed and the temperature soared I figured I should take it easy. So I headed off to the watering hole and chilled on a boat. The local hippos gave me a great idea though - paint myself in a bit of mud to help stay cool, and to cleanse my pores of course.

Manywear Sailing

As I drifted along I thought the mud paint would make pretty good camo if I wanted to do some guerilla warfare too, but the gorillas hadn't done anything to upset me or my hippo friends so I put the guns away. But the testosterone had got pumping by now so I decided it was time for fight club!

Manywear Boxing

Now you may think the plaid shorts aren't tough enough for fight club, but you'd be wrong, 'cause they are New York's Finest Apparel so I know they have attitude. Leaving the hunt behind I dug up an old dollarbie I have from Hot Dolphin Love and painted the blood of my fallen enemies on my chest. I was ready to rumble!

I may even paint myself silver and go clubbing later, but I suspect I'd actually need to change my shorts if I did that! Madness! But it was fun playing with the different tints today. Some items lend themselves to it more than others, some for completely different looks, and some for subtle variations, but either way - don't buy, dye!

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