Monday, June 20, 2011

Sand & Sun hunt - part 3

Yes! More Sand & Sun hunt goodies. I dragged Flash out of his bed for this one.
Part 1 here. Part 2 here.

Quick recap - Sand & Sun hunt - running from 15 June to 20 July.
Start location: Atherstone Mall
Object to find: A Sand Bucket & Shovel
Blog with hints and gift previews here

Sand & sun - part 3

Top picture:
* Surfing gear, board and outfit #101 Dragonland (the shorts are actually missing from the folder but Kucinta Moody, one of the hunt organisers, will fix it pronto, thanks Kucinta)
* Sandals #21 Duh (for both genders)

Bottom pictures:
* Tropical breakfast tray #55 Aphrodite Shop (so much fun with this one... click on it and it gives you all the fruit and drinks from the tray, Flash was so happy with the eggs and bacon toasties that he even tried to get OJ refills from my boobies, ah well, I had too much piña colada to care!)
* His and Hers swimwear #11 Gaea Designs
* Sandals #21 Duh (for both genders)

Not in hunt:
* Hair from Elikatira

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