Saturday, June 23, 2012

Black, but not at Heart

The very reason I started blogging fashion was all about gender, something I forget sometimes when I get too involved... when mesh isn't involved at least.

A couple of posts ago, I went a bit lyrical about that Salsa Wrap from Vextra Fashion. In checking out the store to see if it was on offer there, it was a pleasant discovery to find a simple black version for free.

Black, but not at Heart

The chest is usually a serious trouble spot for me as half man/half woman. I have no issue walking around bare chested, but I know other peeps will. I would have an interesting time, me think, persuading peeps I'm wearing my male nipples while hobbling about in heels. Is it only me that is bothered by gender stereotypes?

I have constant trouble is to find something that doesn't turns me into a failed drag and match all those cool couture cropped men thingies that proudly displays their manly chests. This wrap provides some good looking cover ups without having to resort to duck tape so I'm very happy. This wrap deserves two posts ^^ You can get an idea what the whole thing looks like in the first post => X.

Black but not at Heart 2

The whole cha bang:

Hair: Stampede, Discord Designs - hunt prize in NN City Zombie Hunt, running until 25 June.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes - Deep Hazel, IKON
Makeup Layer 1: Kati AquaNuuna
Makeup Layer 2: Lucid Copper Nights Makeover, Mock Cosmetics, limited edition 
Makeup Layer 3: Makeups v11 11Nuuna
Piercings: Takayama, Mandala
Feather Fluff: Velvet Goldmine Top, Faster PussyCat, colour modded
Body Wrap: Salsa WrapVextra Fashion, FREE
Pants: Tokyo Hotel PantsFaster PussyCat included with the Goldmine Top

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