Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not Just Any Textures

'Not Just Any Textures' might be somewhat of a non-event as a title, but while getting this post together, my thoughts has stubbornly lingered around textures.

After I was praising how far mesh has come in Coming of Age, I've read a very valid argument about mesh that Vaki made in one of her posts on her excellent blog, Insert Funny Name Here. Her observation about mesh is that all's swell and good, except now that the templates constitutes the whole garment where they formerly were used as parts, they leave little creative space for designers beside to add a texture. And that's in theory true.

Hopping around the grid, you can recognise many of the mesh templates. Sometimes this is real handy because you know at a glance if something is of even theoretical interest for you or not. But then there's the aspect of textures and you as quickly realise there's more to slapping on a texture than slapping on a texture...


AnaLee Balut of ALB Dreamfashion, I know you all know I love her stuff, has 'adopted' some of these templates and my my ... As usual she puts her unique twist on whatever she touches. You'll recognise the pants, you've seen them... but you haven't seen these. Well, in fact I hope you have and already own them because they're jewels. She has released two editions. What makes them stand out is that each come with a texture/colour change HUD. They're no less than 27 pants in each.

The textures have not been taken lightly as can be seen in the pants above. This is one of the colour/texture options possible and my personal favourite of all the alternatives she's created this far. Another factor that's adding to my pleasure... these pants actually fit me. 

Hair: Ohna, Discord Designs (mesh)
Makeup: Astro Glam, Nuuna (from inventory)
Henna 'tattoo': Tattoo 12, Peace and Lol (from inventory)
Jewellery: Bracelets and Rings PY, FZaPP
Pants: Leilah Harem Pants Multimix, ALB Dreamfashion (mesh)
Sandals: Slouch Sandal, Pelletteria Morrisey
Pose: My own, soon available


The other edition, the one which was released first in fact, is solid coloured ones with a shine across. 27 colour options here as well and even if most of the palette works its way through the rainbow, there's some nice more discreet options for when such are preferred.


Hair: Atlas, Discord Designs (mesh) 
Makeup: SmogBucked eShadow and Dark LipSmacker, Mock Cosmetics, past group gifts me thinks
Jewellery: Mwezi Gold Set, Uzuri - shop no longer exists :(
Jacket: Alyssa Wilderness Leather JacketALB Dreamfashion (mesh) Part of Mimmi Show 2012 Special 7 available for a limited time. (mesh) NEW! *
Pants: Leilah Harems Pants Colour ChangeALB Dreamfashion (mesh) NEW!*
Boots: Hamburg Boots Red DottALB Dreamfashion (mesh) Part of Mimmi Show 2012 Special 7 available for a limited time. (mesh) NEW! *
Pose: My own, soon available


Hair: SyddDiscord Designs
Fur sleeve: Zebra Arm Fur, Handverk
Ring: Knuckle DusterHandverk
Pants: Leilah Harems Pants Colour ChangeALB Dreamfashion NEW! *           
Boots: WedgeChogs Zebra, GoK
Pose: TurnrightHandUp, Ciss' Poses, The Retreat - my own that is. Yay!!! The first ones are out!

* Marks review copy (pants) or gift (jacket and boots). Thank you Ana!


You don't need to spend much to enjoy Ana's pants. The ones in the pic above are part of the group gift (group dollarbie) for June. See how neatly the construction and folds of the garment has been worked in? A simply fantastic garment and a very generous gift. Yet another pair is available for free as one of her famous wearable demos that can be checked out on the market place.

Hair: OhnaDiscord Designs (mesh)
Makeup: Guyliner 2, A:S:S (from inventory)
Jewellery: Afromoon Necklace and Bracelet, New Age. Sold separately at the SVPAP Project Rescue event. *nudge nudge...*
Vest: Microfibre Vest, BoHo HoBo. Texture/colour change with this being the most subtle option.
Pants: Leilah Pants, India CreamALB Dreamfashion, group gift for June, 1L
Sandals: Boho SandalsALB Dreamfashion, past group gift
Pose: RightHandHipCiss' Poses, The Retreat 

Jeeeezzz... ended up a pretty massive post this, but with a further 52 available pant options I could have made it even more so for sure XD

My own conclusions about what effects the greater reliance on other people's templates for the whole garment is having. Serious ones those are. I don't wish to spread doom and gloom and I'm not condemning mesh. As this is still a technology in development, it is, however, important to keep the discussion alive. Serious critique is vital for the future development to move in positive directions. There's simply too much 'daaaahling!!!! -this-is-WOOOONDERful!!!!' around for my liking.  

Vaki's making a strong point, a very strong point indeed. Mesh is having a negative effect on the creativity and variation among SL fashion designers. Many stores are starting to look disturbingly similar. There are gold nuggets like Ana's pants here thanks to her extra-ordinary efforts with textures, but there's no denying that the templates takes on their own life...'oh, it's those pants... oh, it's that jacket'. I love these pants and for me, they will be Ana's. Only she could convince me I need some more versions, but for other worthy designers I'm dead meat as in loss of potential income because I already own these pants.

Yours kindly,

Devil's Advocate *winks*

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