Saturday, June 16, 2012

Colour Me Brightly

I checked in on the Finesmith Summer Hunt the other day. Her work is going down another path than mine nowadays, so we've sort of parted ways. It's therefore very nice to have a chance to try out her latest ideas in this way.

You need to be a member of the inworld group to be able to do the hunt. Does it cost 100L to join it now? I honestly don't know, I'm a long standing member, but whatever it is, this hunt alone is worth that many times over. It would be even for me, without taking the many group gifts into consideration. There's 20 easy to find 0L hunt prizes and the content is mind-blowingly generous. Drool time.


My personal favourite of them all is this ring, Seeing Colors, that's included in three different colour combos. It's large, the design fresh and minimalistic and the colours are carefully chosen. They alone would have made the joining fee worth it for me. Actually, put the Drop of Turquoise necklace in that category as well, especially considering there's two colours combos included. 

There're more colour news to share. Nuuna has some new ranges of makeup out, both in the category of major colour splashes and in the one of quirky line work. With layering... wow... the potential!!!! Really worth checking out.

The stuff:

Hair: Leroy, KMADD 
Hairbase: Standard Hairbase -  004: Fem, Autui (from inventory)
Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 - Dark Gray-Green, IKON NEW!
Makeup layer 1: Kati Aqua, Nuuna NEW!
Makeup layer 2: Light Grey (Wear Grey Exclusive) eShadow, Mock Cosmetics (from inventory)
Makeup layer 3: Makeups v11 3Nuuna NEW!
Makeup layer 4: Guyliner - 01, A:S:S (from inventory)
Necklace: Drop of Turquoise, Finesmith - present hunt item, 0L
Ring: Seeing Colors - Ring PastelFinesmith - present hunt item, 0L

Hehe... I would like to make a little statement here. There so much talk about postproduction with SL photos. Beyond cropping, adjusting light levels and eradicating those ugly lines that happens due to large formats, I don't modify my photos. I want SL to look like SL and not something else and prefer to see it in other peoples work as well. A question to ponder... when does a SL photo stop being a SL photo and becomes like a digital images, beside the 'little' point they're digital in origin? I'm not talking down heavy postproduction or the stunning results. It's all personal choice, but it does change the meaning and nature of the result.

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