Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's the little things

So I got all excited finding mesh trousers that fitted me. Then it went downhill - I tried a shirt. Apparently I'm too chesty. Not the scary triangle thing, just... moobs. Of course much of the problem is the style of shirt - a tank. The very nature of the straps means alphas can only do so much. And indeed, if they aren't cutting into my chest the whole thing is stupidly large. I'm wearing a tent.

And this is something that bugs me with mesh. Apparently I have a rather flash bum, it's had compliments. Mesh alphas merge it into the same as everyone else who shops at that store. Maybe I am a bit mooby, but I want shirts that fit them!

Anyway, on the plus side today resulted in a couple of mesh freebies that had me nicely mesmerised. Sweatbands!

No, I had no idea I wanted them either. But the Hate This subscriber sent me a pair of Hazard sweatbands. I slapped them on and thought "Cool". Then watched hypnotised as my AO creased them, bent them, and generally showed off the rigging. So I zoomed in, and as always with small mesh the texture detail was again 10 times better than anything else.


The small items are really where mesh is impressing me, such detail deserves good praise.

Anyway, if you don't want to carry a warning, they've also launched national bands for the Euro 2012 tournament. Yes, that means only 16 European countries are on offer, but Germany are free and the favourites to win (behind Ireland) so go grab a pair. Honestly, it's so easy to spend 5 minutes just watching them move.

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